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My Life (as I live it) In Retrospect
the universe and I
The Rumors Of My Death... 
27th-Nov-2010 10:07 am
...are true, at least in the Shakespearean sense.

I'm in the process of moving in with the girl that I've been dating since June, as in I'm taking a break from carrying boxes downstairs and I figure, why not post. I've been more or less living with her since about early August anyway. To punctuate how serious we are, we just got a joint checking account.

Anyway, I've spent almost zero time online because we're always busy. She has a seven year old son and they're like best friends, always doing stuff, and the next thing I knew I was right in there with them.

It's funny how much your life can change in such a short period. I even go to bed earlier. You all have known the $#!^ that I've been dealing with over the past few years, so a change like this is definitely a welcome one. I mean, I'm always a little cautious about such a sweeping change, but this one just feels like it's gonna go the distance. Sometimes you just have that feeling, and finally, after all this time, there it is. No, there's no talk of marriage or anything - she swears she's never getting married again, but you know how all that goes.

Once I get settled in and get my den going (yes, she actually suggested that I claim one room as my own personal space - how groovy is that?), I'm hoping to be back on and see my ether fiends a little more often than I have been lately.

Oh yeah...wanna know about her? Her name is Dorothy, and she's a psychologist. Yes, a full-on professional, and no, I never use her professional services, before anyone asks. :p Yes, she's aware of The Wizard Of Oz. She's Catholic but rather liberal - not as much as me, but she and I see eye to eye on lots of things, like human and individual rights. She's a little quieter than I am, has a seriously biting wit, and most importantly, she wants me around, but doesn't need me around. She has her own life, her own goals and wants and the like, and deals with her own $#!^, which are some of the most important things for me in a relationship - the knowledge that we can handle our own stuff and be our own people, but that we can back each other up if we need it. Oh, and I've known her for a decade, so this isn't some sudden thing. Well, not any more than it is, anyway.

Holy cripes, I've spent a long time writing this...gonna spare the editing and go for now. But I'll be back, soon. In the meantime, I've finally got some positive waves to spare, so I'm sending 'em out to you guys, mein digital running crew, in the hopes that things get even groovier for y'all, 'cause eventually, everyone's time is due.

Peace, and humptiness forever.
9th-Jun-2011 06:41 am (UTC) - Congrats!
I am so happy to hear you are doing well, have found your partner in life, are acting dad, and loving it all!

I look forward to hearing more from you...but it is good to know what the silence means...it means life is going well in the "real" world...

the one that really matters.

Blessings to you and yours..mm
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